Anime films and programmes

I’m gathering that as all of us are Pokemon fans, that there’s a strong chance that there are plenty of anime fans here.

What are your favourite films and TV series?


Cowboy Bebop

That is the first thing I recommend to everyone.

anything that is made by Hayao Miyazaki is worth a watch, attack on titan is also a favorite of mine

Sakura Trick

Looking on my bookshelf as I type this…

Dragonball Z, Inuyasha, K-On, Lucky Star, Suzunari, Chobits, Death Note, .hack, Hunter X Hunter, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Ponyo, One Piece, Zombie Powder, Naruto, Tegami Bachi, Yu-Gi-Oh, Zelda, Lupin III, Samurai Champloo, Tokyo Mew Mew, Yotsuba&!, Summer Wars, The Girl Who Lept Through Time, Anything by Hayao Miyazaki, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club… The list goes on LOL. I love anime/manga XD

Dragonball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, Rorouni Kenshin, Grave of the Fireflies, Spirited Away (any of the Studio Ghibli’s/Miyazaki movies are great), Ghost in the Shell, Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist. Tons of great, newer anime out that I haven’t watched yet too :blush:

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@darkrai is after my own heart on this one. Haha.

Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan are great. Also enjoyed Kaze no Stigma (don’t watch if cliffhangers bother you).


Samurai Champloo is by the same director and is very good.
Also, Fate Zero and Black Lagoon

Series: Pokemon
Film: Pokemon first movie

dbz, death note, attack on titan