Analyzing Team Rocket's Meowth (18) Promo Cameos

Hello everyone,

This guide aims to unravel the Pokemon cameos that appear in the Wizards of the Coast Black Star Promo #18 - Team Rocket’s Meowth. There have been multiple posts about this card, namely here, here, and here, and I hope that as a community we can come to a conclusion on which Pokemon are being featured.

Here’s the original card:

Here’s the original card’s artwork:

Here’s the artwork with art of the Pokemon transposed on top of it:

What do you guys think these Pokemon are? The two that cause the most amount of confusion are the top left Pokemon and the bottom right Pokemon. Am I correct or incorrect on some of these? Let me know because I’d really like to come to a conclusion on this!

As always, happy collecting! :blush:


I originally thought the background was the cosmos splitting and fragmenting into pieces as the black hole or supernova dragging him in was destroying the universe, and that he was wincing at his imminent collapse into compressed matter. Boy, my mind is like imagination dyslexia sometimes.


Pretty close match, the pikachu shadow is a bit ambiguous and Jigglypuff dosnt have such sharp horns. Other than that it looks good

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@brendantheclayboy I didn’t even realize it until PichuFan pointed it out to me this week lol. All this time…

@cedar If you look really close at the original art you can see that Pikachu’s ears are actually highlighted so that you can tell it’s Pikachu. You can also look at the tail to make sure. Also I don’t believe that it could be anything other than Jigglypuff because the hands don’t have any claws like you would see on Clefairy.

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I still think Vulpix would fit a lot better where Squirtle is, but it’s hard to say. Ash’s Squirtle vs. Brock’s Vulpix.


look at the face and back, it’s definitely a squirtle

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TIL those are pokemon silhouettes on that card

You got it right on the money, good eye:)

More info in the card:

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Jigglypuff looks like it should be Clefairy in my opinion :man_shrugging:

Wow. I’ve had this card for a long time and literally never noticed that those were Pokémon. My mind is blown.

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My childbrain always interpreted this card as the pokemon shapes being some like cave stalagmites and meowth is falling into some vortex in a cave

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@mtajaj32 Your analysis definitely makes sense, I’m glad that you agree it’s Squirtle.

@pichufan Here’s why I think it’s Squirtle and not Vulpix:

The hands paws/hands/claws are very different between Squirtle and Vulpix. Vulpix doesn’t have the edges that stick out like Squirtle does. Here’s a picture comparing all three:

Also if it’s Vulpix, where is Vulpix’s hair? It definitely looks like a bald head to me.