An interview with Sora, world's biggest Lugia collector

Hi people at E4. I have launched my own website PokeGuardian a while back. And I primarily cover PTCG news there. But I also try to cover stuff not many sites will cover.

I would like to share my interview with Sora from Japan, one of the biggest Lugia collectors out there!

I think this interview is very interesting read for alot of people, and may give you some insight into the collectors scene in Japan.

Sora is a good friend of mine and he agreed to do an interview in English with me.

Here is the interview;

Please enjoy it. He has an amazing collection, and at the end of the interview, you can see his online museum which covers more of his gigantic Lugia collection.


Amazing! I strive to have a collection like this with Rayquaza!

I love his signed Lugia cards :grin:

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A great interview and a really cool collection! Great to get some light shined on collectors from Japan, I think we all sort of have our English bubble and forget the amazing things that Japanese collectors are doing.


Thanks for the nice responses!

I interact almost daily with Japanese collectors online and alot of good friends are from Japan.

Some of these are among the most dedicated collectors out there. So much passion out there. It’s a totally different scene. There are many collectors that collect unlimited cards of their favorite artist or Pokémon. It’s amazing to see.

Gotta be honest, I read very few articles all the way through, but I did with this one. Wish we had a few pictures that really showed the scale of the collection. Over 14k of one pokemon is massive


Very well done as the questions were on point.

Such a great read. I’ve never thought of collecting this way, but it seems very meditative, personal, and meaningful. No worries about playing the market or getting the most presitigious cards, just collecting purely for the love of it. Thanks op!

1000 Neo Lugia goal! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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That was a great read! I’ve followed Sora on twitter for a long time and have loved watching them collect more Lugia!

I wish more of the Japanese collectors used something… anything other than Twitter :-1::-1::-1:

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Imagine being japanese and not using twitter. Only filthy westerners use instagram. Twitter is full of pure japanese collectors. None of these dirty western collectors who flip their collections.


There is a link to his Lugia Museum at the bottom of the article I just notice:

Great article btw! I kinda want to make a Lugia list and send it to him to see if I’ve added any he didn’t knew about. :wink: If I understand the article correctly he has all existing Lugias and is now looking to complete some of them with huge amounts of copies, like the 1000 Japanese Neo Genesis goal?


Thanks all for the nice words!!

Also I indeed have said in the OP that he has a link to his online museum at the end of the interview, most of his collection is documented.

He has every Lugia card (art) possible (at least for TCG). He wants indeed to complete some certain goals.