All things Alakazam - Selodin's buy thread

At the moment I’m looking for :
Graded Cards - Alakazam PSA 10Team rocket Dark Alakazam unlimited rare - $75

PSA 10 Pokemon Mysterious treasures Alakazam Holo - $75

PSA 10 Pokemon Mysterious treasures Alakazam Reverse-Holo - $75


Welcome to UPCCC. I hope someone can help you out with these cards


Sadly I don’t even have PSA-10’s on them. I’ve got a PSA-9 Shadowless Alakazam and I don’t even think I have a first edition Sabrinas yet.

I got you

I do not have those at the moment.

My second favorite Alakazam


Yea I’ve been super on the fence about buying that Ebay listing

shameless bump, edited a few things

PSA 10 Legendary collection Alakazam Holo - If someone grades this in a 10 I’d be willing to pay around $500

Did LC have a terrible print run or something?

What I’ve heard and seen scratching is major issue + regular holos tend to have lots of silvering around edges.

Also gratz for becoming Shining Charizard. :wink:


basically this, for being such a “popular” set getting a PSA 10 on a holo is incredibly hard and the boxes have skyrocketed in price over the years so buying one to grade yourself is a really bad idea.

This makes me even more happy over my Legendary collection Gyarados reverse in mint condition! :grin:

If you get an LC Alakazam holo in PSA 10, I’ll trade you my Lv.X Alakazam in PSA 10. I have 6 or so LCs graded, just none in 10s. I’ll start regrading stuff at some point.

I’ll be grading some ungraded copies of both I guess that might just end up depending which one I get first :blush: . Ideally 2 LC 10’s pop up and we both score one.

Does this tickle your fancy?


It’s Alakazam so I’m already a fan, but it doesn’t have a pop of one and I probably wouldn’t be interested in overpaying for it. That being said I’ll still probably try to buy a japanese Lv.X at some point.


Sending off a lot of LC cards soon. A few Alakazams that look pretty good. Fingers crossed

I have a small sub collection of LC Alakazam cards that are literally perfect except for silvering, legendary collection’s print job breaks my heart ;(

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