AJ's Thread of oddities and other pokemon related stuff

So I’ll be sharing my non tcg pokemon stuff here. Everything is up for trade.

kind regards and enjoy sifting through these oddities,


first post: Zorua comic with waterpainted cover, don’t know much about it.


Second post: fridge magnets! Look pretty cool don’t they!?


Third post: Lilligant keychain figure Pokemon Center sealed

Post #4: Pikachu sticker sheet

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Post #5: Bandai holo’s, got a charizard graded aswell


Post #6: E-series Battle Stadium boosters and sample pack

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Post #7: XY math table help cards

Post #8: birthday cards


Fun looking through this stuff.
The birthday cards are great.

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My mate would love the last one

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Post #9: cards I felt deserved a top loader, these are among the top of my collection, all up for trade. Some really really rare not very well known cards among them as well :blush:

Post #10: some more cards I fl t needed extra Top loader protection. All up for trade.

Post #11: I love these cards. Old school perfection. All up for trade. Those gym promo’s are my best find ever, not the rarest or most expensive cards I own, but come on… Gym, best set ever. And then I found they made coro coro promo’s! I was over the moon!

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Post #12: couldn’t be bothered by these. Bw promos… Up for trade

Post #13: in my mind, the best art ever on those meiji cards. Staying true to sugimori’s new “fire red” kinda style cards. Could have spend more time on the background of most of them, but still. Also love the seven eleven promos, non holo and holo versions of the same card.

Post #14: DpT-promo’s. I also have the original sleeve to that pichu promo, fun little card

Post #15: i love it when promo’s belong together.

Post #16: great promo set, all up for trade

Post #17: old school EX, they are soooo different from the new EX cards. That Entei is awesome. But why non holo!?

Post #18: Charizard. 'Nough said