AJ's Collection - Non trading card game


decided to create a non-tcg collection thread. I have so much Pokemon stuff, of of which some stuff is pretty rare. We barely get to see stuff like this online, so I though people might want to see this kind of pokemon stuff. Will update asap. Only one picture for now. Birthday card, thought it was pretty funny:

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I love this kind of stuff! That Charmander burning his cake!

I collect all kinds of nonTCG cards. That pic above seems to be a birthday postcard? or is it an actual greeting card (the kind USA has that opens up)?

I searched for years for a certain Sandshrew postcard. Finally found it and bought it - I plan to frame it someday. I will link a photo (not mine) of it here.



It’s always refreshing to see fellow collectors take interest in non-TCG flats! I fully support this! :grin:

As for your postcard, the first person that comes to mind about this is @hapycakeoven

Yes! I have the entire book that this post card came with. The birthday ones are my favorite… mostly because the cake

Fixed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Some kind of math / teaching / cards thingies. Must be 2014 or something considdering Mega Alakazam and such.


Pikachu shaped postcard

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Magnet card

Is this Gengar torterra(edit: *torretta) anything special? Doesn’t look like a common item…

I tried to capture the 3d / moving effect

That pika postcard is AWESOME

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It is! But not part of my primairy collection, otherwise I’d have to collect to much :stuck_out_tongue: