A Weird Error I Found While Sorting Bulk

As the title states, I found this error while sorting through some boxes of bulk I had in my closet. All of these cards came from the same box of Neo Destiny, and it looks like they were printed twice. I included the same, non-error card in the photos for reference. I just was wondering if any of you have seen this error before, and could shed some light on it. Also, I just kind of thought it was cool.

Can we get pictures?

they show up on my computer, i’ll add direct links too.

That is odd. They don’t look fake to me, but I am not an expert :open_mouth:

Those are just “double stamp” errors (not sure if there is an official name for them yet). They are somewhat common, but still pretty rare. I’ve seen them as early as the Neo series to as recent as BW.

I cant say I’ve ever come across one, at least knowingly. I think its pretty interesting though. I don’t know much about the printing process, so maybe its not really that cool haha

Many from the series came out like that…

common but still interesting

wouldn’t be worth much