A true 1 of a kind item

Just showing off

It CAME It FINALLY Came!.. The Big One. I’m so so stoked. We drove a LONG way and got up at 4 AM and still waited for 12 in hours ques to get this signed :smiley:

-2019 Calendar was gifted to only a few content creators in different languages but different artworks existed (Mew Mewtwo, Solgaleo Lunala, ADP) meaning this may be the last English Reshizard left. so many people threw theirs out. I’ve made some tweaks

-Custom Golden UV protection Anti reflect frame
-25 mixed packs of unified minds, Cosmic and Unbroken bonds (all with Reshicard art)
-Doors 24 and 25 never opened
-Signed by the GOAT Arita himself
-One of the largest Charizard Headsketches I’ve ever seen
-Signed to BirdKeeperToby (My channel in Japanese) October 1st (cool date)
-A pair of Reshizard collector box statues on top

Arita’s (handler I think) said he had to explain to Arita what an advent calender was because they don’t really have them in Japan. Arita also took a photo of it and retweeted my tweet about it today, he thought it was really cool :smiley:

This will be the centerpiece of my collection. What do you think?


That’s amazing! I had no idea this kind of advent calendar existed. Unbroken Bonds was my first set when getting back into the TCG and would usually go for this pack art when picking one up from the grocery store. I think just having that artwork blown up and hanging on the wall is cool enough but to also have it signed by the artist with a sketch puts it over the top.

I have that same ReshiZard figure on my desk at work!

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Always great to see so niche random items people have never seen, and also great to see how clearly excited you are about it! Charizard isn’t particularly my favourite anymore due to all new items that get pushed of it all the time but this is a piece to really appreciate :slight_smile:

aw thank you so so much :smiley:

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