A picture from inside my warehouse

I’ve mentioned my warehouse in other posts. This is a picture of one of the shelves along one of the walls. (The other three walls have just as many boxes.)

Nearly every one of these boxes (aside from a few stray cartons of Yu-Gi-Oh and Star Wars cards) is packed with Japanese Pokemon cards, Pokemon toys and other Poke-collectibles. Some boxes are labeled, others aren’t.

Everything is between 12 and 17 years old (1996-2001).

For years, it was “out of sight, out of mind.” But the time has come for me to take inventory and figure out just exactly what I have.

I’ve only opened a few boxes so far — but boy, has it been a blast!


I look forward to seeing the contents of all those boxes :blush:

Man i would love to sit and open all them

I was daydreaming about exactly this earlier this morning.
I went so far as to look up airline costs.

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I think it would be a blast if some collectors were to visit our place and help me open these boxes! ;D

Back when we had the toy store, overseas tourists would sometimes stop by. Mostly, though, our customers were local kids.

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That would be Christmas times a million.

This is heading into dream world for me! Ahaha. Can’t dream up a better dream if I tried

I just stumbled upon this old post. What goodies were unearthed from said boxes?


Yes, please share :blush: and sell cheap :wink:


Don’t tempt us… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Was it 2001, when you closed your Pokemon store?

wow wee, forget disney land this is just too much for me handle. i’m shivering, this would be a taste of heaven.

What boxes you have? would love to get a list of boxes and prices i’d be very ken to get some of the older booster packs.

Where do you live Japanime? i’m planning my second trip to tokyo for next year.

can I live in your warehouse please?

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Beautiful , simply Beautiful

I was going to make a post saying ‘Now for a picture from inside MY warehouse…’ and then have an image of like a BDSM dungeon or something, but I realised there is no way I can find an image that accurately hints at that without it actually being a picture of girls chained up in a warehouse.

I am sad now.


hitotsu chirashi! Onegaishimasu! Arigatō :heart_eyes: