4th Print Base Set Zapdos Price Check

Hi everyone, new poster here.

Realized my Base Set Zapdos was 4th print; any idea of value here? Couldn’t find anything online.

Holo is very good shape with a few light scratches, some silvering along all borders, and there is edge wear on the bottom of the back of the card. Thanks in advance!

The majority of PSA 9 4th prints are struggling to sell at $150 mark. There just isn’t a huge market for them. If it grades an 8 I bet you could sell it fast for around $75. Maybe $90 if you waited a while.

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Interesting, thanks for the reply!

i have been buying 4th print 9s for around £60 mark :blush:

I just paid more than that for an 8 :slightly_frowning_face:

Lol and here I was offering $600 for a PSA 9 Charizard 4th print xD

You gotta remember charizard is a whole different ballgame though.

Thats right, I’ve been offered $750 USD for mine actually

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yeah 60 was for non starter :blush:

paid £400 for psa 9 zard and hitmonchan
and blastoise PSA 9 and ninetales 10 paid £275
and venasaur paid £110
alakzam £45
zadpos psa 10 £80 and really cant remember the rest off of the top of my head :blush:

That was last year or a few years ago though.

From what I have seen, a lot of the 4th print cards are all over the place on value. It all comes down to supply and demand. I have seen a lot of 4th print Zapdos all over ebay, alot of the sellers do not realize they have the 1999-2000 date. I picked up a 4th print zapdos for $6 and I am fairly certain it will grade a psa 9 or 10. Best bet is to check the sold listings on ebay for the most recent sales and go from there. Things always fluctuate so you never know.

word. most seller don’t know what they have. I picked up my PSA 9 4th Print Blastoise for a nice $120

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