2014 japanese Champions Festival XY-P World Champions 2014

Does anyone have any information on the Promo 2014 or 2015 Japanese XY-P Promo release? Im not sure exactly what it is called but on psa pop report its simply labeled as “2014 Japanese xy promo Champions Festival XY-P World Champions 2014” Its so so difficult to find any info on these sets. The only thing I managed to track down was this info off bulbapedia but it is vague. Basically states these they were given out at a game show and thats about it.

“The XY-P Promotional cards are a collection of Japanese promotional cards released over the course of the XY and XY BREAK Eras of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. While the first TCG product released was the XY Beginning Set in November 2013, the first promotional card of the collection was available as part of the Pokémon Game Show in August of that year. These cards feature the suffix XY-P”

Would anyone have any info that further looks into this such as:

How many were ever printed or distributed? Very very low population on these sets from what I see.
What was the game show about? Was it a tournament or a questionnaire or?
Where was it held? Any videos on it?
Was the first promo card given out to everyone who attended? And where were the rest released?
Can you get these sealed?

Any history/info on this would be helpful :blush:

XY-P simply refers to any Japanese promotional card released during the X and Y Era. Are you talking about a specific card within the promo set? I know it seems confusing, but there is a full list of them on Bulbapedia if you are looking for a specific card, and I’m sure more people will be able to help with more details.

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Yes I did a bit more research about it and it does get very confusing honestly. I was curious about a couple cards in the set and was wondering why some are so so low population and the others are in the mid hundreds. For example the “pikachu marumiya” is extremely low pop (11), yet the other pikachus are in the mid hundreds and closer to thousands in population. Why such a huge difference in pop? Did they release those XY promo cards in mass or are they given out to specific people? I mean can anyone just go to a store and purchase these back in 2014? I still know very very little about these promos. I know Im asking a lot of questions. Still pretty new to these promos.

Well the thing with promo cards is that they’re usually a promotional addition to a certain Pokemon item or given out at specific events or tournaments.
Naturally, the promo cards that can only be won or those that have various other obstacles of acquisition will have much lower distributions than those “easy” ones that you get with every Pokemon Center purchase above $25 usd or tin promos or so. The total population of a certain card is completely dependent on its very own specific release. Usually you can get the general informations for a specific card on Bulbapedia.

As it was already mentioned, “XY-P” (just like BW-P, SM-P etc etc) just refers to the time period it was released in, it’s not a coherent set of cards that were released the same way.


Very similar to what Muk said, some cards are given out from tournaments, others are purchase campaigns in stores, and others are promotions from different stores that partner with pokemon. There is a super wide variety of release types within XY-P, so its best to learn about each individual card rather than lump them together as the same “set.” It is a very loose definition of a set, so I would just pick the cards I wanted to learn about and do it separately, with the XY-P idea being the way to search the card online. Also, its important to note some of the XY-P cards were just worthless for a really long time, and nobody in America cared about them. Population doesn’t always mean low print runs, it could also just mean very low popularity. It’s important to do research so you don’t fall into the trap that the population report can set. Best of luck, and make sure to use all the resources available to your advantage!