2009 Tropical Wind Auctions

I have listed all of the stamped Tropical Wind cards from 2009. I started them lower to invite bids, whatever they end at they end at! As always feedback is encouraged, compliments or criticisms. Here are links to the auctions:


Semi Finalist

Quarter Finalist Error

Top 16

Top 32

1st Edition Base Set 17-102

Vulpix HP Corrected

Aww~! No Japanese cards for sale? :wink:

Good luck, Scott! Your prices are amazing!

In your description (At least on the Vulpix) it says it costs $4 to ship worldwide, regardless of location. But it’s marked as free shipping also. Is it $4 to ship internationally regardless of location, or is free just a default and it actually costs $4 to ship to my location even in the US? Maybe I’m just confused and missing something, but you should clarify for me so that I can bid on it. :blush:

Thanks Tara! My japanese stock is low atm.

And thanks monkey for the perspective. I went ahead and altered it!

Ah, that’s perfectly clear. Thank you very much.
And feel free to call me Charlie. :blush:

Scott, I know I won’t be able to afford it, but why is the finalist so cheap?
Like the English Tropical Beach is like $60+ without being Staff or whatever

No problem Charlie!

I started the finalist low. It is worth more but I just wanted to attract bidders. The tropical beaches are playable so they typically earn more. I have not seen any high end top cut cards go but the staff and 9 card set are much higher in price than any toprical wind.

Thanks for that, I didn’t even notice. I went ahead and added it, unfortunately it won’t let me alter the original text because someone bid on it (first world problems).