2001 Pokémon Japanese Web Unlimited-PSA10-Set


Asjemenou! Truly an amazing set you got there, @majomaal . If anything, this set shows how reprints should be done. Encorporating a brilliant selection of cards from older sets and events in a fresh new design. The distribution was also very unique, and it definitely contributes to its rarity. Did you complete it just now or a while ago? How long did it take you?


Did you have trouble finding sealed packs? 1st edition seem to be more available.

I watched some of these sell for solid prices at auction over the last year. Now we know where they went.

Did you acquire extras or stick to one of each?

Congrats on the first ever complete set!


Hi @melchior , For sure the fact that only online purchase was possible contributes to it’s rarity. In 2001 online purchase was not as common as today. I also assume that retailers just used the waste bin to get rid of their leftover stock :wink: ( but that’s more a collector wish ).

I received my last PSA10 this week. I started June 2018

Very nice set, well done on collecting it! I’ve decided to collect an unlimited holo set in PSA 10 myself. Right now I only miss the Gengar, I am really excited to try and complete the set, but have a feeling the Gengar might take a while to find.

Awesome! Well done putting this together.
By coincidence I picked up my first PSA 10 Web Unlimited cards just last week and I’m really looking forward to them arriving.

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Hi @gemmintpokemon , I never focused on/bought sealed packs. For sure 1st edition graded/ungraded is more available then unlimited in the current market. My view is that the sealed packs could not be ordered online as 1st or unlimited. There is no mark or stamp on the outside of the sealed packs to recognise this. So my assumption is that the first online stock was 1st edition and later unlimited(less sold and mostly landed in the waste bin)was added. This should explain it ( again no prove at all but this is my theory) :wink:

Started with local (NL) acquisition for the PSA10 holo’s and then a mix of Ebay common/rares PSA10 buys (20%) and sending bought common/rares (80%) for grading to Ludkins.

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amazing set… hope my unlimited dark kadabra and dark alakazam come back as 10.

Wow :open_mouth: what a set to have completed! Loving the POP 1’s I have a POP 1 in a 10 it’s a great feeling having something that is one in the World! Anyway congrats again.

Amazing set. Congratulations! The Gengar price has risen dramatically over the past year.

Niceeeeeeeeee jelly on that karp, I really like the web set

Congrats on the set. I love web series so much. My favorite Charizard card