2 versions of JUMBO DP26 Dialga & DP27 Palkia?

While I was searching for good deals, I found out that there are 2 different holo versions of the oversized DP26 Dialga and DP27 Palkia. Was anyone aware of this? I just discovered this and have never heard of this before.

(“Ice” pattern)

(“Straight lines” pattern)


I never new they also had the sharded ones. I do have the regular ones. Any on the web?

This seller doesn’t seem to think they’re anything special


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Yes, there is an active auction. I’ll PM you :wink:

I guess the sharded ones where only released in the US. I’ve also only seen straight lined ones irl.

Yes, there’s 2 different versions. I had both variant before

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Any more jumbos you know off with multiple versions :blush:?

1 left.

Do you know the release year on the variant?

It’s the same year. I’m assuming One was released EUR version and the other US version

This is not true. While these were still in stores, I specifically noticed that two of the Palkia Boxes in the Midwest Meijer had the different jumbos.

So the same year is correct?

I imagine so. They don’t print promotional items more than once

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Excluding a random alternate holo Blastoise. Haha