1st edition Base Blister Pack

Hi everyone, I recently purchased this off eBay but I noticed it looks sort of funny. The pack seems way too small for the plastic. Heres the link:


I agree. My Base blisters have about half of the empty space that one does.

Did he reseal another pack into it? Possibly weighed? Do you guys think I could return it without a problem just for this reason?

The pack is just folded over. If you could straighten it out, it would take up more plastic space. My regular Base Set blister had that problem, but the plastic was almost coming off so I just straightened the pack out. :wink:

Also, there should be some space at the top. It’s not super huge, but it’s not small either. Check out some other blisters on eBay. :blush:

Thanks :blush: I am planning on opening it. Just didn’t want something altered with.

Opening a Base Blister? Seems like too much of a risk :open_mouth:

Did you buy a blister to ensure the fact that it wasn’t weighed?

No I realize blisters can be weighed too. I want to test my luck out :wink: and why not on a 1st edition base pack

Pretty ballsy.

Tax return so I decided to do it.

Well paint me green.

Wish I had more :wink:

I used my tax return this year to buy groceries. A lot less exciting. >.>

But significantly tastier.

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Didn’t know blisters can be accurately weighed? Is that true?

I know of people doing it at target quite easily with the new packs

And it’s really accurate

It is stupid that we have scum that actually weigh packs.
It takes all the enjoyment out of opening packs.
I bought 41 packs and only got a few FA, since FA are lighter than EX cards.

A lot of top sellers on eBay weigh from what I hear.

Post your result :blush:

It’s been ages since I’ve opened a 1st base pack but my odds were about 1 in 5 so weighing must have hurt me. :confused: I never had luck with blisters but with anything it’s the luck of the draw :blush:

Weighing Blisters is not as Accurate as normal packs. I have had pretty good pulls over the years from Blisters purchased online while with Single packs the pulls have not been as good. If I’m going to buy a Single Pack I usually buy it from a Newsagent because the guy there doesn’t know much about Pokemon so I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been weighted.

Pulled a Hitmonchan Holo :confused: