1999-2000/australian/non-holos/red logo fossil pack

Hi guys,

I recently made a rather large purchase and was fortunate enough to find three 1999-2000/australian print non-holo’s.

Dragonite, lapras, kabutops

any ideas what they are worth?


awesome, whats the condition like on them? these cards are rare and dont have a set price, as they’re quite unknown to the general population, my guess is in the $100 USD each region if they’re mint and you can find someone who needs them

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I have a few and I can tell you they’re worth a pretty penny. I’ve been getting offers for 50 usd a piece but I’ve declined.

You should hold onto them. They’ll only go up in value.


Thanks guys, ill probably hold on to them for a while. maybe until there are a fair amount of 1999-2000 fossil non-holos sales on ebay.

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They are still relatively unknown by many collectors. Definitely the better option to hold them.

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If you are thinking about selling them I would, if you can get $50 a card. I never really knew about this until recently and now I just checked my collection and found quite a few. Once the word gets out a lot more will show up on the market I bet.


lets see the ones you have

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If I make it home sometime this month I will upload a few pictures.

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Not enough sales to establish a fair price recommendation. Put them on eBay auction and find out! :blush:

Raichu probably won’t go for much, the 1999-2000 copyright on those is much more common since it was part of the Thunderstorm deck. I bet the Hypno could pull in a nice amount, though like churlocker said it’s hard to know how much since so few of these get sold.

So are there holos with this copyright or just the non holos?

Just the non holos have this copyright - from what I’ve heard, the holos from this run are printed on the same stock (so they’re technically a variant) but retain the regular 1999 copyright. I’ve never seen any of those, though.

The exception is Zapdos - the Thunderstorm deck included a holo one with the 1999-2000 copyright.

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Ding Ding Ding

So, Technically

Are there:
47 non holo cards of the 1999-2000 variant card stock out of the red logo packs
15 or 16 Holos 1999 that come on the variant card stock out of the red logo packs
can you get both holo Zapdos on variant cardstock out of the red logo packs? Or just the 1999 one.

The 5 1999-2000 cards that come in the thuderstorm gift box on the regular card stock

The 62 unlimited set
and 62 first edition set

So 191 or 192 English fossil cards, not counting the misprints if you are really particular about collecting

I’d imagine all holos from the red logo packs would have the variant cardstock and 1999 copyright, since the 1999-2000 Zapdos was exclusive to that gift box.