WTT | WANT: Mysterious Pearl | HAVE: English 1st Editions, Gold Star, Championship Arena


Looking to do a trade for the below 2 cards with any combination of the ones that I have below. Would be great if trade could be done within UK but also open to international as well.


Mysterious Pearl - looking for Psa 7 - 9 range or a decent condition raw copy.
Professor Oak’s Visit 2007 Battle Road Summer - Looking for Psa 10


Venusaur Base set 1st edition BGS 7.5
Tyranitar Neo destiny 1st edition PSA 7
Charizard Base Unlimited PSA 9
Treecko Gold Star TRR PSA 8
Championship Arena 117 PSA 7



Acquired the Prof Oak visit psa 10 so striking off the list.

Still looking for the mysterious pearl and have the above for trade but can also offer other cards in my collection and/or do partial trade + cash as well.