WTT near complete psa10 base set

Wanting to trade my near complete psa10 base set. Missing around 10 cards that would complete the set and only missing 2 holos being magneton and machamp, the rest are commons. Can also make a deal to buy another 5-6 cards to limit the search even more for someone as they are readily available to me.

If anyone’s interested in trading any sealed product please let me knows would be interested in any topps or normal Forster diction booster boxes etc.


Need to post how much you value everything at monetarily

Base Unlimited I’m assuming? What are you looking to trade specifically when you refer to Topps? Topps Pokemon Trading Cards or something else? Feel free to PM me.

Which Topps series? PM me, would be interested and have some other sealed packs like Fire Red/Leaf Green & Deoxys sealed boosters I’d be willing to trade. Or other sealed/graded product. :blush: