WTT My Stock For A PSA8 1st Ed Base Set Blastoise + More!

Would possibly look at a 9 later down the track, ideally wanting an 8. All prices in USD. Willing to use a middleman! No worries.

Looking for:

1st Edition Base Set Blastoise PSA8 - $550
1st Edition Base Set Poliwrath LP/EXC - $60/75
1st Edition Base Set Magneton LP/EXC - $45/60

1st Edition Base Set Gyarados LP/EXC - $80/95
Registeel Gold Star LP/EXC - $40/55
Neo Destiny Shining Celebi Unl LP/EXC - $40/55
Neo Destiny Shining Raichu Unl LP/EXC - $55/70

What I can offer:

Crystal Cards:

PSA10 Golem Holographic Skyridge - $304
PSA9 Nidoking Holographic Aquapolis - $180

Legendary Collection Reverse Holographic:

PSA10 Alakazam (2 available) - $220
PSA10 Dark Blastoise - $355
PSA10 Zapdos (Standard Holographic) - $86
PSA9 Dark Raichu - $70

Error Cards:

PSA8 Print Error Dark Octillery Ex Team Rocket Retuns - $71 (one of a kind, price neg)

PSA6 Print Error 1st Edition Hitmonlee Fossil - $210 (one of a kind, price neg)

PSA9 1st Edition Devolution Spray Ink Blotch/Stamp - $50

Assortment Of Random Cards:

PSA10 Venusaur Supreme Victors - $71
PSA10 Rayquaza Lv. X Supreme Victors (2 available) - $126 each
PSA10 Ho-Oh Legend Bottom Heartgold Soulsilver - $170
PSA9 Ho-Oh Legend Top Heartgold Soulsilver - $24
PSA10 Lugia Legend Top Heartgold Soulsilver - $144
PSA 8 Lugia Legend Bottom Heargold Soulsilver - $20
PSA9 1st Edition Rockets Zapdos Gym Challenge - $50

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Looking to buy also or only trade?

Ideally I wanted to trade, but i could look at buying one possibly. What’s your sale price?

I’ve sent you a message.

Updated wants and removed a couple of items.