WTT Haves: PSA Cards Wants: PSA 10 1st Edition Base Holos

PSA 10 1st Edition Ho-oh Neo Revelations
PSA 9 1st Edition Raikou Neo Revelations (I should regrade, possible 10)
PSA 10 Team Rockets Mewtwo ex
PSA 9 1st Edition Base Clefairy

Any PSA 10 1st Edition Base Holo other than Hitmonchan, Alakazam, and Poliwrath.

what prices/values would you place on the 1st edition base 10’s.
don’t want to be that guy, but threads require a buy price now, will probably get you more bites aswell :blush:

He did state “cash” which implies “buy”.
Could that be used by everyone as a smart way around the rules? :open_mouth:

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sorry but the value of the PSA cards he is offering is not close to any of the PSA 10 1st ed base holo’s prices.
Therefor this will never be a trade only deal, hence I commented :blush: