WTT Gym Heroes or Spreadsheet Needs

I currently have a PSA 10, 1st Ed Dark Weezing (Non Holo) that I’m looking to trade off.

I’m actively looking for a couple things so I will list them below:

-Gym Heroes Set - I’m trying to complete an Unlimited Binder Collection for this set, I have included the spreadsheet of all the cards I’m still looking for. Green means I have it already
-Scyther, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Nidoking - These are four Pokémon that I collect and I am looking for specific cards. I have included a spreadsheet for those cards as well.

I understand that this Dark Weezing isnt a very high value card. I’m very open to the following things:
-Trading for multiple singles (just not too bad of condition for the binder if we’re talking Gym Heroes.)
-Trading up and adding a little on top if needed. ($50 at most)
-Trading down for a more wanted card (I.e. I know Rockets Hitmonchan is much higher in a PSA 10 than Dark Weezing, I would be open to lower grades)

I’m very sorry if I made this post incorrectly, If I need to change anything or add please let me know. I’m new here but very active especially on Twitter if I need more refs! Thank you

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Let me look through my stuff and see if I have any of the Gym Heroes cards you might need.

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Sent you a message