WTF is up with fake raffle/bday stuff on IG

I get you need money or maybe your at tbe age where you don’t get much presents/money anymore but hiding your desire for free money inside a raffle is dumb. Just do a sale. I’ve seen this a few other times as well.


The guy has no shame, this is begging disguised as a raffle! and not disguised very well i might add


I was trying to the words to describe. You said it perfectly. Begging disguised as a raffle.

The urge to leave a passive aggressive comment is real. What a joke.


Stuff like this makes me want to puke. The entitlement is ridiculous. Grow up.

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This is textbook little kid logic. I’m slow to criticize until I know how old the poster is.

his profile pic looked like late teens. I’m guessing 17-22

I was hoping for 5-10 years younger.

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Bingo. Years of liberalism, especially in our schools, have turned most our young people into dependent and entitled zeros.

I am more impressed that the link you provided is clickable/linkable howdafuck lol

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