Instagram raffles are getting out of hand

I mean really. This shit is getting out of hand at this point.

Background : Some big seller holds a raffle for a pikachu ditto psa 10 and justifies his raffle price by using a sold listing picture of the card selling at $399.99. He then finds two idiots who essentially just gamble on a coinflip where the winner gets the alleged $400 pikachu and the loser has to pay the raffle holder $350

If it wasn’t already ridiculous enough that people are gambling hundreds of dollars on pokemon cards, the guy used fake information to get these two to gamble on his raffle. The Pikachu never sold for $400, it was actually a best offer accepted listing, and the best offer was accepted for… $125 :zipper_mouth_face: Instagram is truly hilarious/disgusting at times


Raffles are not only illegal, but also a terrible waste of money. I was really disappointed to see a Poketuber I watch repeatedly advertise one of the big Instagram rafflers. I don’t care how good their reputation is-raffling is a scam.


Cursed Stonks


Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain.




The problem is people like to gamble. It’s never going to change unless Instagram cracks down on them. As for that specific raffle you mentioned…well let’s just say I don’t feel bad for the participants and neither should you. You want to break Instagram rules by participating in a raffle? Fine, it’s not the worst thing in the world. You want to take the financial risk by gambling? Alright, fine, you’re accepting you can lose. You want to risk getting scammed? That’s your risk to take. But if you don’t research an items value and end up paying 3x what its worth, well that’s on you.


Loved that book

I agree with all your points, and if the guy priced it correctly, the loser would still manage to take that leftover money and lose it in other raffles. It’s just crazy to me though that these guys are running this shady pokemon gambling business where they’re taking advantage of others addictive habits and then adding another layer of shit to that by straight up lying about the prices. Instagram should just be about pictures of cards or trying to make sales/trades lol :stuck_out_tongue:


I came here to agree with how I dont like instagram anything, and now im leaving wanting waffles. Thanks guys.


Stonks and pokeman cards only go up

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The good old last sold on Ebay trick strikes again. For OBO people need to use watchcount but more importantly use more than just the last sold on Ebay! You don’t need to graduate high school to know how to manipulate that. If you really want something, follow sales for months on all type of selling platforms to get a real idea of what it’s worth. But I guess when it’s gambling sadly most participants don’t really care :slightly_frowning_face:


I continued to read the comments only to find out what this image meant. I still haven’t figured it out and have left perplexed and hungry.



Sad situation.

Feel bad for everybody involved and move on. It seems like if Instagram would crack down on raffles, it would’ve happened by now.

Let’s hope people wise up and see it for the illegal scam that it is. But alas, there’s a sucker born every minute…


Who is that?

Lootbox TV. To clarify (which I probably should have), they didn’t say this person on IG was a raffler. They bought a mystery box from this person instead of participating in the raffle. Of course, they reference the guy on IG they bought it from. I don’t think that people should stop watching the YouTube channel over this-I was just personally disappointed.

Juice and Andrew burn money on a daily basis in their videos


There’s always an opportunity to rant about things you don’t like or agree with. Rather than that, how about discuss a way to fix the problem or offer some sort of solution instead. Otherwise, this turns into a cesspool.

Great minds discuss ideas. Any ideas how to stop Instagram raffles/scams?