WTB Want list! Skyridge crystal and booster box

Might wanna increase the price for kabutops, kingdra and Crobat to 200ish, just a suggestion, no offense :blush:

Got it! I just follow the ebay sold listing, thanks anyway:)

There’s a kabutops 9 being auctioned on ebay. Might be able to snag a deal on it.

Good luck with the kabutops, my bet is will sell around 180ish :blush:

Thanks for the info! Going to bid it. Hope to get it around 160…


Not sure if you saw that thread, but here’s a PSA 10 Ho-Oh. Reverse Holo though.

Only looking for holo! Thanks for the info:)

Welp, it went for 205usd :sweat_smile:, guess we were both wrong.

Yes…I place the bid for 200…and got out bid. WTH lol

There’s a PSA 8 celebi on ebay now. Dude listed it for $650 or best offer. Might be worth a shot.

Edit: that kabutops is back up for auction. Idk if it was a non paying bidder or what.

Let me try again!!!

An ungraded celebi that looked to be an 8-9 just sold for 250…

It seems to have sold almost instantly. Crystal prices seem to be going way up

There is a little crease/bend…but I was sleeping at that time:(( Gonna just get a psa7

I am selling my psa8 skyridge celebi just in case you are interested

Message me please

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i’m the dude :stuck_out_tongue:
hope somebody takes it away from me :grin:

if somebody wants to negotiate, my ig is pokecro22 :blush:

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@pokemonsyndicate had an unlimited chineserbz he may have been looking to sell recently. May have some zardlings or venubae inside.

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Thanks! Let me ask