WTB Unown L Neo 4 destiny Japanese

I’d love some help on this one. Hope someone can help me get my hands on one.



@pottsinator opened up some packs from a box I believe… also maybe @uhwarrior70?

I only got one Unown :confused: and it wasn’t the L

I’ve looked everywhere that I know of and I can’t find one…maybe put in a custom order at tcgrepublic. That’s all I can think of. Seems to be none on eBay, collectorscache is out, tcgrepublic has none, neither does papermoon or pokevault.

Still looking

I’ll check my spares later tonight!

Great, thanks!

You’re in luck, it’s the only spare Unown I had. Looks like it just came out of a pack too, I don’t want any money for it except shipping costs (I’m in the UK).

You are my hero!