WTB Trainer Deck A Rattata/Raticate PSA 10 15K Bounty

Looking for a Trainer Deck A Ratatta and Raticate in PSA 10

5K for Rattata and 10K for Raticate

The pop is low, which is why the offer is such a high bounty. Thanks efour!


You could try to hit the 10 yourself: Sealed Wizards of the Coast Pokémon Trainer Deck A Brock's deck sealed | eBay


Thanks. It will be considered lol

Haha I was half joking. I wouldn’t be comfortable with the risk as the TD’s I’m sure you know are known for poor centering and are unprotected inside the deck. If that does end up being what you do please video it!!

Also looks like you’ve got competition from Jeremy!

OP probably posted on behalf of Jeremy

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Correctomundo ^^^^


The deal is done and this thread can be closed. The cards were purchased for the agreed amount and sold by a fellow efour member.

Thanks efour!