WTB Sample Cards and WB Kids Cards

Specifically, the Gastly and Pikachu sample cards from that 2002 event. Also looking for a sealed or mint condition set of WB Kids Creator Pack cards. I like colorful cards.

Lol I’m looking for those too. Pokeyblokey is selling some of the sample cards on eBay.

I don’t think he has the two that I’m looking for though. I could check.

No he doesnt. Not many people I have talked to have them or they have them in a complete set and will not sell them.

You might try sending a PM to Pokepop on gym. I know he has quite a few sets of the sample cards.

He does but for some reason he doesnt message back. He puts you on hold for weeks.

Thanks for the lead. I’ll give him a shot. Gastly and Pikachu just look mighty cool!

No problem. When I asked him about it at nationals, he said $100 for one or $75-85 each for more then one.

Working out a deal right now with PokePop on the sample cards, so I think I’m set for those. Anyone know of any owners of the WB cards? Sealed or in perfect, gradable condition…

your best bet to find a sealed pack of the WB creator card packs is ebay mostly