WTB: PSA 9 Gold Star Latias & Rayquaza (in Europe)

Update: Got all 4 cards, Gold Star set, check!

Hello everyone! First post on the forums :blush:.

I am looking to buy the following PSA Graded Gold Star cards, from a European seller.

  • PSA 9 Vaporeon - 175 euros got the Vaporeon!
  • PSA 9 Latias - 550 euros
  • PSA 9 Charizard - 800 euros got the Charizard now as well thanks to Efour!
  • PSA 9 Rayquaza - 1000 euros

Potentially I would be interested in a Vaporeon PSA 10 at a 350 euro price point. For the other cards a PSA 10 is no option for me :nerd_face: .

Please let me know if you could help me out!

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Updated the post and title, found 2 of the 4 cards I was looking for!

pm me about the ray i know someone selling :blush: