WTB: Pokemon Red Gameboy Sealed

Please post pictures if you get one! That would be bitchin to have! I’ve often thought of purchasing a sealed gameboy advance sp for my collection, but I wouldn’t know enough to determine if it’s an original seal or not… good luck!

Japan international trade has a Pokémon red in his Instagram account.

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I already do have a couple but…wanting to expand the collection :blush:

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Yeah I saw his on ebay - $3,500 USD is wayyy too much though. I value it highly but not that highly haha. Thanks for letting me know though!

It’s opened to offers, happy to negotiate and listen to anyone interested.

Quite a tough item to find factory sealed in such a good condition.
There is alot of fake seals, and international versions which float around, but it’s hard to find the fully English box mint.

Also, the one on my store is uncirculated. Meaning it’s a harder grade to achieve. Uncirculated means it was in it’s actual outer shipping container up until it reached vga for grading. So it never really was handled up until being graded and encased. It was never broken from it’s original factory shipping box until vga.

Any other regular sealed games could be passed around by many people and have small dents or flaws, or be fake seals, or repacked. It’s happened to me in the past. Bought some sealed Gameboy games to find damaged books and a fake seal on it inside. The one i have is pretty pristine and gold grade.

Anyways, opened to offers. I have an 85+ and 90 red available.

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Hmm…well…I don’t think even my highest offer would come close haha but I’ll PM you anyway. Thanks!

Bump - still looking if anybody has a pokemon red. Open to blues as well too.

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Good luck with your game-hunt! :grin:

Ah - sorry about that!

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