WTB Paper Mario thousand year door PAL European version

Looking for this gamecube game. With booklet and original box.

Can anyone get their hands on one? Looking to pay around 25 euro’s.

i hope someone can help me. All help, info or anything is appreciated!


  • aj

Yeup. But I will look for you.

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This game is worth this much?
I have it sitting at home collecting dust… :open_mouth:

What is PAL European Version mean?
Like just for European consoles?

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It says pal on the front, next to the nintendo logo. It is for European consoles.

also willing to trade cards for it.



this one has scuffs it says but it’s low start price

Not sure if you want it sealed ,maybe better ones will come along, I’ll keep a look out

these ones are the only ‘cheaper’ ones available well is one other £25
£25 is more than you want to pay ? also as they only ship wiithin the UK it looks like, I’d be willing to purchase for you if any of these ones take your fancy just message me

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