WTB: No.1 Trainer SSB & TMB, Trophy Kangaskhan $$

As the title says I’m looking to add one of these three to my collection. Would like to accomplish all three eventually but I have the extra funds available to me for one currently :blush: If anyone reasonable is selling any of these three I would be more than happy to discuss purchasing it! Any leads besides eBay would also be awesome and appreciated!

Photos for reference, but I’m pretty sure if you have one of these laying around you’ll know it :stuck_out_tongue:

**EDIT Ballpark Prices Added:

Willing to pay up to $2000 for a raw or authenticated Trophy Kangaskhan, depending on condition.
Willing to pay up to $4000 for a raw or authenticated No.1 TMB or No. 1 SSB, depending on condition.**

Quite a few of these are floating around efour. You’ll have a better chance of flushing one out if you come up with the price you’ll pay for Mint and/or NM.

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Damn, really? The general feeling I have with these cards (and the Trainer Pikachus) are that they tend to stay with a select few people, who typically never sells them. Another problem I am also having is that I never know how much they typically cost in present value, and I’m always afraid of low balling someone and insulting them =/

@themastervault :The founder of this forum, Smpratte is selling the trophy kangaskhan on ebay though, you should definitely message him about it! It’s also PSA authenticated, so that’s a plus! (For a personal offer)




You are correct! Doubtful any owner is going to sell any of these cards. I think Gary was simply telling the op to state prices.

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Tough to come up with a price for the No. 1 Trainers - any input on what I should expect to pay? Any input here or via PM would be appreciated :grin: On a raw Trophy Kanga I was figuring they are still around $1500 to 2k raw, no? Thanks!

I’d say more now.

The card isn’t as easy to come by these days. Back when the market was flooded with Kangs I paid $2000 raw for mine. iwould expect someone to pay at least $2500

As for NO. Trainer trophies… I mean the few that have sold in Japan hit at least $3000 each, and those were faded lol


Yeah kind of figured the No.X trainer copies would be more expensive and have budgeted so :wink: Just trying to be a little nitty when it comes to the Kanga as the prices seem to fluctuate a ton. I remember seeing one sell on eBay around a year ago for like $900 and then the exact same was relisted seemingly a week later by what I assume was the buyer and was bid up to $1500. Just careful not to overpay on that one :stuck_out_tongue:

Its going to be very hard to find someone that will sell the No.1 SSB & TMB trophy card. Ive been looking for over a year now and have had no success. The best chance is to find one on yahoo japan. They do come up for sale, but all the recent trophy cards have been faded! If a non-faded copy does appear, their is going to be a really big bidding war. As i know a few members on here are after these trophy cards. Good luck in your quest.

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Yeah I’ve been shopping around quite a bit and following up on a lead someone provided but seems like they’re all dead ends. It’s proving to be a pretty tough task! I would’ve pulled the trigger on the No. 2 on Yahoo Japan earlier this week if it hadn’t been so faded :slightly_frowning_face: Thanks for the kind words, good luck with the search as well!


I get PMs all the time from people asking me if I will sell my TMB No. 1 Trainer to them — and they almost never state a price. That’s not only a turnoff, it’s a non-starter. Be up front with the owner as to what you’re willing to pay. They might turn you down, but at least you’ll have earned their attention.


This wouldn’t apply in your case as people are going out of their way to message YOU and ask if the card is for sale but there’s two sides to every coin; many people don’t want to throw out an offer that may be higher than market value for the card and many people don’t want to insult someone and lowball them.

Both of these apply to me personally because I’m of course not looking to purchase the card for $4k if it in reality the last one sold for $2k. I also don’t want to throw out an offer of $3k and insult someone when a card last fetched $7k. My post was not to necessarily try to pry one from someone’s hands by giving them an impossible to pass up offer - it was more to see if there’s any out there with a price tag on them and go from there. As we all know the prices of these cards are rarely published so it’s difficult to just throw a dollar amount out. You’re inevitably going to end up with your foot in your mouth unless you happen to guess the magic number :blush:

In your case where the card is not being offered for sale on the open market I do agree wholeheartedly, anyone messaging you should have an offer in mind or in hand.