WTB neo discovery 1st edition booster box

I’m offering 1400.
if through eBay that’s excluding fees.
please pm me thanks

Do you already have all the earlier set boxes?

i am missing jungle, fossil, base, neo discovery, neo genesis, skyridge, aquapolis

just picked up destiny.

Destiny unlimited? How much that box run ya? If you don’t mind me asking

destiny 1st ed. it cost me 4k and shipped and insured

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4K for a 1st Edition sealed? That seems like a pretty good price. Did you pick it up in a private sale and can you direct me their way? :sweat_smile:

I know it’s not overly relevant but I mainly collect Japanese - just picked up a Mirage Forest 1st Ed this morning for 615. Still need the Offense and Defense box Synd swooped up though. (Just to note, I also am looking at 1st Ed WOTC product so if anyone has Fossil, Jungle, Challenge, Heroes or Rocket boxes feel free to hmu).

Would you potentially be interested in trading that destiny box! I am in love with it!

You can try and contact one of my friends:


Or via instagram: “pokedavey”

He got ahold of 24 boxes, he has sold quite a few around the 1600-1700 range already. Maybe you can give it a shot :blush: don’t think he will be letting one go for 1400 usd tho.

Good luck!