WTB Mysterious Pearl

Hello everyone! I am currently after the Japanese Mysterious Pearl from Battle Road 2007.

Definitely open to offers, but I’m looking to pay around $700 for the Mysterious Pearl. If you have one or know someone who’s looking at letting one go, please feel free to contact me. Also looking for a Miracle Diamond but not sure on what to offer on price right now.


The Miracle Diamond is much, much rarer than the Mysterious Pearl. Just a heads up that if someone wants to sell their Diamond and he/she offers to sell a few times higher than your offer price, it’s not out of place.

Anyway, good luck! :blush:

Ok sounds good! Yeah I wasn’t sure how much to offer for the Miracle Diamond. But I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for the heads up

Both cards have awesome artwork, the Miracle Diamond is however extremely rare and you should be ready to pay at least $5k or more for one

Updated my post with a small bump up on the price I’m looking to offer for just the Mysterious Pearl.