WTB Japanese EX series Booster Boxes

Hey efour community

I have recently sold off a large portion of my sealed collection in the hope to pick a couple rare EX series booster boxes, I know the recommended buying thread is be specific of what I am willing to pay but in all honesty I am unsure on some of the prices for some boxes because they are that rare.

If it helps I have been offered a sealed Unlimited TRR box for £3000, I’ve bought an Holon Phantoms box for £1500 and recently seen sets like Holon Research Tower sell for £1100, Miracle Crystal around £2000, Mirage Forest for £1500 so that provides some idea but as I said unsure on prices for some of the ones listed below.

I have £5000 GBP to spend and will list the sets in order of preference:

  1. Golden Sky Silvery Ocean (Really unsure on price)
  2. Miracle Crystal (I guess due to recent sale I’d offer £2000)
  3. Clash of the Blue Sky (I’d offer £2500)
  4. Team Rocket Returns (Currently being offered for £3000, so £2500-£3000)
  5. Holon Research Tower (I’d offer £1500)
  6. Mirage Forest (I’d offer £1250)

Sorry for the waffle, hope to get some replies on this post :blush: