WTB Gold Star Mudkip or Trecko PSA 9 (1850 USD / 1450 GBP)

WTB: Gold Star (TTR) Mudkip or Trecko PSA 9

Offering 1850 USD/1450 GBP (located in the UK)

Payment: Paypal

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Just an FYI, but I’ve been offering $1700 for one on my WTB thread for the past month with no luck – so you may want to raise your offer if you’re eager to buy one. Best of luck :).

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Good to know! Edited the price. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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This seller may entertain that offer.

@goonhoon @zorloth

Thanks a lot for the link. Unfortunately the customs would far exceed my budget here as I am from the UK.

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