WTB English Charizard Gold Star Raw Only

Hello everyone!
I am looking to buy an english Charizard gold star, raw/ungraded only. Must have a clean front. Thinking LP+ to NM- or PSA7-7.5 equivalent condition. Does not have to be mint, and not looking for a damaged/HP one. Offering between $900-1200 USD (1200-1600CAD) with PayPal G&S! I am a serious buyer, I sold some parts of my collection to make this purchase already.
I am located in Canada, it’s something to keep in mind with shipping and potential import charges.
Thank you!


Welcome to e4!

I may recommend buying a nice looking PSA 6 and cracking it out of the case for that price range. Most PSA 6’s end around $900-$1500 and often times they look as nice as mint cards (with a minor and sometimes imperceptible indentation).

Most raw NM or LP+ Charizard gold stars have already been graded or are listed at very high prices.

Here’s an auction ending in 4 days. It’s not a “mint” PSA 6 with an indent as I described above, but the front looks quite nice.


Thank you! That’s a great idea, I may just end up doing that.