WTB Base 1st ed Charizard in Dutch and Portuguese languages

Looking to complete my Base 1st edition Charizard cards. Just need the Portuguese card now.

Checked eBay for sold PSA 9 cards in those languages and could only find a PSA 8.5 Portuguese Charizard that sold in February for $265. A PSA 9 Dutch Charizard, with the wrong label in the PSA case, had a BIN price of $750 that sat there for a month and got pulled last week. Compared sold prices for PSA 9 base 1st ed Charizard’s in Chinese, French, German and Korean. Prices ranged from $310 to $715 since January 2018.

So I’ll go $600 for a PSA 9 Base 1st edition Charizard in Portuguese.

Updated want list. Just need the Portuguese 1st ed Charizard now. I’ll even consider an ungraded one. Offering $350 raw or $600 PSA 9.

Still looking for the 1st ed Portuguese Charizard. Anyone have one for sale? I’ll go $700 USD + shipping.