WTB - 1999 Base Machamp 'Shadowed' PSA 9

Hiya gals/guys

I’m looking for a PSA 9 Base Machamp to complete my PSA 9 set.

I’m hopeful someone in Australia might have one and be willing to sell me theirs. Only reason, shipping anything to Australia costs packet loads. If I can get it in Aus, will save a lot of cash :stuck_out_tongue:.

Aiming for a PSA slab that has the hologram on the front and the barcode on the back too, if possible [not the super latest one but can live with it if old version isn’t available.]

PayPal - $50 AUD

Let me know!


Hey, if you’re still looking for one, i have one for sell but im located inthe U.S! Maybe we can work something out!

Forgot I had this thread.

Currently in talks with someone from the forums here regarding a deal. Picking up a couple of other cards - awaiting the invoice #excited

Thanks anyways @neosquest :slight_smile:

Any F-mod [Forum Mod] able to lock this thread up for me please :blush:.


Updated OP with new card :blush:

Somehow I have missed Machamp :stuck_out_tongue: