WTB 04 Staff, Alakazam & Chansey Base Set 4th Print

Thought it was about time that I created my own WTB thread, so here we go. All prices are negotiable dependent upon condition, if you have any of these and the price doesn’t suit, please drop me a message.

All below in RAW condition or PSA, ideally PSA 5 or better (if you have a graded one, happy to take it still). Prices are in USD and dependent upon condition. Based in the UK, but happy to buy from anywhere really (I have a middle man in the US).

Prices are negotiable of course I’m just throwing something here based on estimates.

Base Set (4th Print) - 1/102 - Alakazam - $150
Base Set (4th Print) - 3/102 - Chansey - $250
Tropical Wind - 026 - Worlds 2004 (Staff) - $8,500


Bump :blush:. Acquired most of the base set holos, just some dodgy turtle and dragon to go! If the prices don’t suit, please let me know I have wiggle room :blush:.

what sort of condition are you looking for with blastoise?

Bought a PSA 4 on eBay!

Bump - changed all wants :blush:

Hey bud, I’ve got a lot of ex era commons and uncommons and few rares ranging in condition but averaging light played (about 1400 or so cards) if that’s something you’re interested in let me know :blush:

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Yes! PM’ed :blush:

Increased prices, removed Neo Destiny as I bought that.

Also now offering a reward of $50 per card if you can help :blush:

Removed the Zards (now acquired), increased the reward to $100 and increased all the Sample Set prices!

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Hey there, I have a few hundred cards from the Ex Era. There are quite a few rares there and condition varies from nm to lp. Many of them might be german though but if you are interested I could check how many english ones I have. Let me know !

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Updated wants - managed to get the sample set :blush:

Big update - added lots more cards and upped the reward per card from $5 to $25 :blush:

I might have those energy since I used to collect energies

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Bump :blush: huge thanks to various efour members, managed to knock a decent chunk off the list! So close now!!

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ONLY 6 LEFT!! Upped reward to $50, upped all prices by at least $100.

ONLY 2 LEFT!!! Upped reward to $150, upped price of 04 staff a few thousand (after hearing previous sales), added $100 to Evo staff too.

BUMP. Added 2 4th print cards - Evo staff acquired, still need 04 staff.

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