Would you like numbered or "relic" type Pokemon cards?

Just curious to see if anyone else thinks it could be kinda neat to have different types of cards that follow some sports card aesthetics. Pulling a 69/420 Zard would be cool, maybe an on card auto from Ash or even a special relic piece of a poke ball in the card. They could even be separate packs aside from the regular TCG packs.

Pokemon already has a good variety of things to collect in their sets. Between character rares, alternate arts, gold cards, hyper rares and full arts I think that gives everyone something to chase after.

MTG is experimenting with this lately. It will be interesting if Pokemon tries something similar.



Hell NO! Imagine having a 1/100 Eevee, Charizard, or Pikachu. For a species collector, 1/100 and 2/100 would be 2 different cards, so I’d need all 100 of them. No way I’d ever be able to obtain them, even if money wasn’t an issue, because someone would hold onto their random 39/100 and never sell.

It wouldn’t be good for the hobby. It’s plenty strong right now anyways.


If I could I get an SMPratte youtube video worn jersey piece 1/1, yes. Everything else, no

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I think Pokemon would never do this due to the competitive landscape of the actual tcg. If they ever was to do something like this, it would be in collaboration with Topps or a similar company.

How would it affect the tcg? If you have enough playable “normal” versions of the card AND the special 1/100 cards you could have both.

I would rather them have SSP’s that are like 1 per 10 cases then numbered cards

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I just had a visceral reaction to reading ‘69/420 zard’

Theres plenty of stuff to collect in Pokemon ranging across all values, rarities, era’s etc. We don’t really need anything else.


Wouldn’t be against it. Creates another interesting dynamic.

I’d rather they continue to innovate and do new types of cards and experiment with the designs like they have been doing since the beginning.

I think making 100 copies of something and selling it/marketing it as “super rare” isn’t as exciting for people as mass producing alt arts that are hard to pull, yet still easily acquirable through singles buying or sheer luck. If they limit cards to a specified amount, I think theres more harm than good for the collecting side. There are plenty of ways to make new and exciting pokemon cards without heavily restricting the print totals like how it is in sports.


Perhaps something like inserts would be nice. Maybe a small sub-set of ~15 cards every set, replacing the energy card every few packs with some concept art, stills or fan-art of the latest game/anime/manga/etc.

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Pokemon has a lot of cards with real rarity, these cards are limited to 1, 6, 20, 50 or any other number over that. With cards having natural rarity with a lot of lore and stories with those cards, I dont think we need cards with artificial rarity like this.

Pokemon already has a ton of cards with known quantities in existence (see trophy cards). It would be neither a revolutionary nor particularly interesting gimmick for them to do what you’re suggesting.

I also don’t think “relic” cards would work as well in Pokemon as in sports. Sports cards feature actual people, which makes autographs and game-worn jersey cards appealing. There’s no way to do anything like that in Pokemon.


I like serialized collectibles and would be all for it. I susepct that Pokemon won’t do it because it would make it impossible to not think about just how many cards they are printing.

If it was something equivalent to yugioh’s Ten Thousand Dragon it could be intresting

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