Worst set of all time?

I think crimson invasion is the world’s worst set.

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Strangely enough I loved forbidden light. It had insanely good playable cards at the time.
Looking back on it the set is not as impressive

As the resident ultra beast defender, at least there were chase cards (rainbow gyarados, lusamine, rainbow ultra beasts) emerging powers had 2 chase cards… 2 … 2 full art genies not even a full art Bianca or cheren.

Emerging Powers for sure. No real chase cards; some decent non-holos, but nothing really amazing either.

To quote myself from my Set of the Fortnight #17 - Emerging Powers thread:

That link at the bottom of the quote is basically the same question as this thread, but back in 2017. :slight_smile:



Surprised Legendary Collection has not been mentioned. It’s hugely inferior to Base 2, just a pure cash grab. Fireworks holo looks like a fake sticker from the 90s.


I am sad to see people mention Base Set 2. I have fond memories of opening packs from this set. The set made sense from a playability point of view at the time (e.g., cards not reprinted were bad cards). The cosmo holo also add some novelty. Surely this cannot be the worst set of all time. As said above, Legendary Collection is worse than Base Set 2 in every way.


when I was a kid i actually peeled the holos off because I thought they were stickers


Going old school here: the WOTC legendary set. Nothing but reprints.


It gave us holo dark vaporeon. Cant be the worst set of all time


Collector PoV Worst Sets:

WOTC: Aquapolis, most overrated set in history
EX Series: Sandstorm
DP Era: Mysterious Treasures
HGSS: Base
BW Era: Emerging Powers
XY: Primal Clash (Trash)
SuM: Base
SwSh: Vivid Voltage
SV: Temporal Forces



Right in the gut


I agree on all these but Steam Siege is actually very good

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Ahh sometimes I miss these terrible takes

vivid voltage is a bad set, but nowhere near as bad as the other sets from year 1 thanks to amazing rares at least being interesting

as for sv, it’s by far OBF. basically flashfire 4.0. a trash set only carried by charizard being in it


vivid voltage just leaves a bad taste in my mouth during peak covid scalping same with champions path, but at least CP had cool cards

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You mean good takes *** I’m always spot on with my reviews of things

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Could I ask why you chose temporal forces ?

Not a fan of the dinosaur dogs or the metallic dogs

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