Worst/best experience with a scammer, I'm still laughing.

So about a month ago I placed a bid on an auction for a M Charizard 69/106 from flashfire. Pictures are ok, the description says “used but in decent condition” looks a little played but not bad. I win the auction for $8.11 CAN shipped, cool. Card arrives and wow, it is probably the worst condition card I have held in my hands. I think I must be crazy so I go back and check the listing, and this is obviously a completely different card than what was in the pictures.

I message the seller and tell them this is a obvious scam and I want a refund or I will just open a ebay case. They get really angry at me and tell me “it’s not my problem” and basically tell me off while being very angry, and rude over several messages. I leave negative feedback (for the first time this entire year) and go to open a case. I instantly get an error message saying paypal is preventing me from opening a case. I have never even heard of this and I get mildly worried so I dig deeper. Turns out the seller isn’t even properly set up to receive payment and my money is just sitting in limbo. So I can’t open a case against a seller who technically never received payment. Paypal policy says after a month of my money being unclaimed it will be returned to me. I don’t even know how this seller managed to get this far, I find this hilarious and fight the urge to message him and tell him how dumb he is.

So last night I get an email from paypal saying my money has been refund. Great. This morning I get this message from the seller.

I burst out laughing and had to explain to my co worker what was so funny.
So how should I respond?

Tldr: seller tries to scam me, never even gets my money because he is somehow not even set up for it(I don’t know how this is even possible), begs me for the money back

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Also here is a picture from the listing compared to what he sent me

And I honestly think the card is worse in person, a few more creases the picture didn’t pick up plus loads of scuffs and scratches.

“I message the seller and tell them this is a obvious scam”

Not all sellers are very experienced in all areas so coming on strong like that probably isn’t the best way start a conversation. That is an awful card though;)


I was just trying to sum it up quickly to keep my post shorter. It was more of a, hey I know this card is different than the one in the pictures, can you just give me a refund so I don’t have to open a case, while pointing out reasons how I knew it was different. I wasn’t even going to leave negative feedback till he told me it wasn’t his problem and blamed me.
But yes, very awful :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d ask if he sent it raw without any protection in a white envelope but the corners don’t even look the same

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It was in a sleeve lol

reply to repayment = “NOPE!”

But if you just straight up don’t pay can’t the seller open a case with eBay?

I did pay, money got sent back. I’m not about to pay him and then immediately open a case to request a refund

I’d respond ‘sure’ and let him wonder into oblivion about the money, LUL


I didn’t mean like you should pay or anything, I meant does he have any recourse if you don’t from an eBay perspective?

All this effort to scam like $6 net after fees and shipping is outrageous lol

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Do you have his address from the postage still? Send him a wooden nickle in the mail with a note saying thanks for the card.

Just send him the card back, it’ll cost like 25 cents and you can avoid any trouble with ebay/paypal if he complains.