Wonderland Magazine Jumbo Darkrai price check

Hi guys, I’ve searched around for ‘Jumbo Darkrai’ on the internet and most often I get the Lv.X version but not the one that I have, which is from the Pokemon Wonderland Magazine vol.9 which I bought i 2007 or 2008 I don’t remember.

It’s a holo promo card and I think you can find the normal sized card in the DP packs quite easily on ebay etc.

I’ve attached an image below and put on the side a dark charizard card just for comparison of size.


Anyway I wanted to see how much that could go for on ebay as I was thinking of selling it, any ideas?

I’ve searched far and wide but to no avail so far…

Any input would be appreciated!

Sorry I’m a complete newbie to this forum



$40 to 60


Wow that’s quite a bit!

Thanks for your time guys