Wizards PokeGym archive is back!

After being offline for a long time, the archive of the Wizards era of The PokeGym is back online! View it at:


This is from September 2001 to August 2003, though some posts prior to April 2002 are lost. Regardless, this is a great resource for anyone looking into the late days of WotC’s involvement with Pokémon!


Fascinating! Tons of interesting threads and I’ve barely scratched the surface. I find this one about Skyridge really telling


Thought this comment was pretty cool

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Love the overall friendly tone of the posts. And some of the links in the members’ signatures still work!


This is one of the coolest things that’s ever happened. Oh my, I have to stop myself from spending hours on here next chance I get! Amazing to have this history preserved and available–I’m in awe looking at this og forum.


So friggin awesome indeed.
From the very few threads I opened, it seems they were legitimately scared sh*tless about Pokemon TCG dying due to a combination of factors (Yu-Gi-Oh, WOTC license ending soon etc.).
It kinda floors me seeing these guys and girls back then having so much more “existential” fears than we today when we complain about sets being to big and frequently released and stuff, haha.


Fun to read through, thanks for sharing the link.

Couldn’t help but laugh when I found that forum posters were arguing about the authenticity of Prerelease Raichu way back in 2003… may their spirit live on at e4.



Oh wow, the memories! Thanks for sharing.

This is amazing. I love seeing old archives from this era of the internet. I definitely had a Geocities Dragon Ball Z fanpage back in the day…

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