Winner/Best Set Info

Does anybody know of a comprehensive explanation, list, and price on this set?
What all would be included in the set. Energys ?
Which are mst valuable and why?
Any site with all info? Url?


Is this what you are looking for?

Best of Game Set? With reverse holos & the “Winner” stamp?


I saw this but the list they show is different and the info is totally incomplete.

I’ve got 3 PSA 10s from a reverse holo set of 8 (Winner/blank combo). They come in sealed packs of eight.

Yeah. Yeah it is. I seldom make my way back to Wizards stuff to makes things better…

I’m a little surprised no one has come up with a set list and info on this relatively common set. After all, it’s not like it’s the Nisui tournament trainer promos from 1996 lol.

I think that Bulbapedia does a really good job explaining where each comes from, but here’s a hard list of the Best of Game Promos and PUSA Winner cards. All winner stamped non-Jumbo cards should be represented here.

Best of Game Promos:
1 Electabuzz
1 Electabuzz Winner Stamped
2 Hitmonchan
2 Hitmonchan Winner Stamped
3 Professor Elm
4 Rocket’s Scizor
4 Rocket’s Scizor Winner Stamped
5 Rocket’s Sneasel
5 Rocket’s Sneasel Winner Stamped
6 Dark Ivysaur
6 Dark Ivysaur Winner Stamped
7 Dark Venasaur
7 Dark Venusaur Winner Stamped
8 Rocket’s Mewtwo Winner Stamped
9 Rocket’s Hitmonchan Winner Stamped

Other Winner Stamped Cards:
Black Star Promo 004 Grovyle
Black Star Promo 009 Combusken
Black Star Promo 011 Marshtomp
85/109 Oran Berry
93/109 Darkness Energy
94/109 Metal Energy
93/100 Multi Energy
15/97 Flygon
19/97 Salamence
Black Star Promo 022 Beldum
Black Star Promo 024 Chimecho
Black Star Promo 025 Flygon

Three questions monk…

  1. Do the holo Energys have anything to do with this set?

  2. Why are the elm, rockets mewtwo and rockets Hitmonchan rarer

  3. Why do you have “54” in your username?

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  1. What do you mean by “this set?”

  2. No idea. Obvious guesses are lower distribution, regional distribution inequality, or simply higher desirability. But these are just guesses.

  3. In fifth grade my friend asked if I wanted him to make me an email address. I thought it was super cool, so he did. This was what I thought was a good username in fifth grade. I’ve had it for so many years now that shifting it risks people not recognizing me. The numbers are random. Fun is random. Monkey is random. If it were up to me now, it would be churlocker like my eBay username has been adjusted to.


I recently found one of my old binders from 15 years ago that have many of these cards inside and I included the Energys as if they were part of the distribution. I just don’t remember why they’re there which brings me to why I asked the other question about 54.
Often times people put their birth year in their usernames or emails and mine would be 54 or 1954;)

Yeah, my username is terrible. I’ll switch to churlocker one of these days and just deal with the awkward transition.

I have no concept of the distribution, beyond the order of their release from Bulbapedia.

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  1. Idk

  2. Rockets Hitmonchan/Rockets Mewtwo is rarer bc it was as WOTC was losing its license and less copies were printed. They express printed the 2 with just the “winner” variation of the card. I’m not sure why Professor Elm is included in your note. It was printed much earlier. I’ve seen sealed packs of 8 for sale of Professor Elm earlier this year.

  3. He’s not older than you Gary…

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1)The WotC holo energy was given out in league in 2000. The dark/metal/oran berry winner cards were given at a different event.

  1. professor elm isn’t a winnner. WoTC was losing their license so they gave away what was printed. Elm was given out in Gencon (end of 2003) and WoTC lost their license in the fall of 03.

  2. Because he wants to and it’s free.

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Lol…that’s for sure:)

Most people put their year of birth or IQ on the end of their usernames.

By the way elam18… Which does yours stand for?..hihi.

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E because I was on E when I made this acct. 18 because i’m the 18 times World heavy weight champion. and also broke into your storage unit 18 times.


Oh…was that you;)