Will every Japanese card from the standard sets be released in English?

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I noticed that in the Japanese set Lost Abyss there are some more cards than in the English set Lost Origin. For example, Sunkern and Sunflora are missing. Will those cards/artworks be released in a different English set? Or are there in general certain cards that will be only found in the Japanese sets, but never released in the English sets?


It’s never guaranteed, but usually anything that doesn’t make the cut into a corresponding English set will end up in either the next set or as part of a theme deck or something similar.


a. Corresponding set (S11 Lost Abyss + S10a Dark Phantasma → Lost Origin)
b. Future set (Silver Tempest, SWSH12.5)
c. Pack blister promo
d. Collection box promo
e. ETB promo
f. Deck

Every set card will make it over into some set.

Promos are hit and miss. Most come, but many still don’t.

If it’s a reprinted card with different artwork, those might not come out either.

There are still a number of reprinted cards from Start Deck 100 that haven’t been released.

I think this inconsistency is hands down the worst thing about modern Pokémon TCG. I really hate it.

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It was never consistent in vintage either

Lots of cards from Gym 1 Leaders’ Stadium and Gym 2 Challenge from the Darkness were swapped for Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge

Dark Raichu from Neo 2 Crossing the Ruin is in Team Rocket

EX Emerald is a jumbled mix of PCG promos, Gift Box Emerald, Master Kit and Quick Construction Packs. There was no Japanese set equivalent

Jirachi 025/ADV-P 7-Eleven holo promo for whatever reason is a secret rare in EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua

No CoroCoro Shining Mew, no Natta Wake, no VS set, no McDonald’s eCard promos, no 2nd/3rd season PLAY promos for English

No Call of Legends alternate artwork cards for Japanese

and so on


Yes, and I hated it then too!

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The worst for me is English deciding not to bring over the FA trainers and Trevenant and Dusknoir alternate art from Tag Team All Stars. What a boneheaded decision. When will trainers like Hapu or Will ever get another card?

And then they could have put it into their awful Champion’s Path but some taboo of not putting in old cards into a new era? Who gives a damn TPCi? Better than not getting them at all.

Same thing for the Absol 7-11 promo.

Dark Raichu was designed by wotc and released in English before Japanese tho right?

This is correct.

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I honestly don’t understand why English sets aren’t just copy paste Japanese sets, with the language simply changed to English.

I guess they must assume they can get more money keeping things the way they are…

It just seems like it would be a lot simpler and objectively better if printing and distribution were handled the same way across languages.


language-exclusive cards are cringe :frowning:

Many thanks to everyone for their input. Language-exclusive cards are really awful!

Thanks for the list of possible sources of specific cards:

When I check if there is an English version of a specific Japanese card, I can check the sets and promos on pokecollector.com. Where can I check and see Deck-exclusive cards? Are they also listed somewhere on pokecollector? Are they also listed under “promos” ?

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I’m not very familiar with Pokéllector but I can suggest Bulbapedia for searching decks

All eras are listed on this page, just about every deck and product external to sets included:

Deck exclusive cards might require further digging, either by going through info for each card or sifting through a list per specific Pokémon. Usually you’ll find what you need