Why Omastar?

Anyone who plays Pokémon sleep probably knows they are about to get about 50 linking cables from friend levelling and will have purpose for 2 of them (currently only golem and gengar). Anyways, it got me thinking about the evolution campaign.

Has anyone ever read anywhere or knows why Omastar was chosen for the campaign?

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I’ve started getting a bunch of linking cables. Pretty hilarious timing with this post.

What’s the Omastar evolution campaign?

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The guess I have always had is that since the campaign along with evolution has an emphasis on gaining mons through a trade they used Omastar since if you chose kabuto you would need a friend to give you an omanyte for your dex.


Hoping abra and machop get released soon!

Sorry went on a tangent starting by talking about Pokémon sleep haha.

Also known as the Masaki promos:

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A Kabutops Masaki would have been amazing.

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Kabutops got 5 holos from Fossil through Skyridge while Omastar got none. Let the Eldritch abomination have its time in the limelight.


The original advertisement of the Masaki Evolution Campaign was featured on the first printing of the Vending Sheet - Green Version

This campaign was simple, If you send the bonus card “Masaki’s Computer” that came with the “3rd Expansion Sheet” (green version) and one of Graveller, Omanyte, Machoke, Kadabra, or Haunter, the Pokemon you sent will evolve. The evolved cards obtained were only available via this campaign.

The Vending sheets also had themes surrounding them depending on the area. Area 6 of the Vending Sheet 3 which contained sheets 16, 17 and 18, besides containing the Makasi Personal Computer, guess which other cards it had:

So it meant if you just get the Green Vending sheets you could easily send the cards you needed for this campaign. I think this was also used to promote the vending sheets etc. However, I dont know if this vending sheet series was designed around the campaign or the other way around. If it is the other way around then it is easy to see why Omastar was chosen.



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