Why Is New Sealed Product So Cheap?

Unless I’m buying from people on ebay who steal their stuff, why am I able to buy SuMo ETB for $22.50 shipped? Just bought 6 of them, and when I watched Deriums they showed their invoice, where they paid $23.75 per Evolutions ETB without shipping. 22.5 is including paypal and ebay fees, how is anyone making money on this?

Also some guy on facebook, who has references basically sells a combination of 10 sealed products ranging from Tins, Ex boxes and ETB, with the shipped price ending up to be $10 per tin/EX box and $20 per ETB/6-pack Mega box. They usually sell really fast, and he says he just gets deals on these daily… how is this possible?

I made a video about the general saturation of new sealed product, but this sounds a bit different. Someone like Derium is very high volume, thus their prices from a distributor are going to be lower than average. If someone is undercutting that, I would be somewhat suspicious.

Curious if you have some links of these sellers. Feel free to pm me and I will take a look and maybe get a better impression.

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I just sent another offer to the seller to buy the last 6 etb at 22.5, for a total of 12 at that price. I can put the link after I confirm the purchase. Seller has 98.9% and sold a bunch of others at $25 an under shipped, with positive feedback

Do you use facebook? this guy on Virbank sells these lots at the prices I listed

Some of the other odd stuff I got on ebay for low prices were 12 packs of 50 ultra pro sleeves for $19 shipped, but it came with 2 day shipping, and on the package it was over $12 for shipping…
$55 shipped for 12 Mega Gengar spirit link blisters which is a great deal imo
and last year $100 shipped for 50 single Fates Collides blisters, might not be wholesale price, but still super good, I’ll see if I can go back and find the seller on ebay for this one

Got the link for ebay


wouldn’t take less than $45 per lot of 2, so 22.5 per etb

I’ve never seen deals that good. Can you link to the fb seller?

I was just reading some posts on another thread, and it seems these forums are very against promoting sales of anyone, so I don’t know if I’m supposed to message you the info or something. Anyway, you could probably find it if you go on Virbank City Pokemart and search something along the lines of ex boxes

Facebook prices are pretty good and reliable at times.

Sometimes the right network is what can get you the cheapest prices. Combined with large quantity and fast / high turnover.

In Japan, it is difficult to purchase from pokemon company directly, so it usually comes down to quasi-distributors gigantic quantity dispersion.