Who is the founder of Pokémon?

Where did the idea of Pokémon originate? Who is the genius who thought up the idea of Pokémon?


Satoshi Tajiri


From a love of bug collecting in his youth to a multi-billion dollar franchise loved by millions. Satoshi Tajiri’s dream turned success story is one of the most amazing ones in recent history. Not only for Japan, but for the entire world. Fun fact edit: Ash is called Satoshi in the Japanese anime.


This is cool to think about. I wonder what year he had his first thoughts about Pokémon

You can find quotes about a capsule monster manga in 1975:

"Pokemon started life out as Capsule Monsters, an idea cooked by Satoshi Tajiri when he was just a little kid. Tajiri-san is and was always bug-mad and came up with a game where you caught bugs. This idea expanded to battle as well as raising these bugs before the expansion to a whole variety of monsters came about.

In 1975, Capsule Monsters was released in Manga Form, although it was un-noticed and unsuccessful. It was Tajiri’s stepping stone to team up with Ken Sugimori, the dude behind the Pokemon, which we know and love … and also co-founder with Tajiri of Gamefreak."

Although I can’t find the actual source of this quote, so take it with a grain of salt. Also because he would’ve been 10 in 1975, the story must have originated from Satoshi himself or someone close to him, because there’s no way he was mass producing manga’s at 10 :grin: But it would make sense that he came up with the concept at a young age when he was into bug catching/collecting. It’s a shame that we don’t know too much about him, he seems to be very illusive. I think he’s also a high-functioning autistic, which probably explains why he was so into bug collecting that he went on to make manga’s and a game concept based on it. But that probably also explains why he cuts himself off from the public too.


It was a collaboration of a few people. Something this epic needed a good team to do so.

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It’s a great question! I owe him a beer :blush:


Plus I believe he is one of many super talented people on the autism spectrum.

PS…he is a multi billionaire.

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Yeh I was gonna say that I’m
Pretty sure he’s autistic to ! Incredible man

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