White Russian Vivillon Value

I am currently watching this card on ebay. The thing is, you have to import this bad boy and there are no psas that I know of. They sell the card “raw” from what I’ve seen with no sleeves or toploaders. You can get these from either Russia or Norway. They go for $50.00 and people have paid that price.

My question is do you think that this card is rare enough to warrant a $50.00 purchase?

Wouldn’t ALL Russian Vivillons be white? I hear that it’s “Regional” does that mean only PARTS of Russia have this card?

p.s. I want one!

The Vivillon cards have come up before quite a bit, with most of the rare cards selling for way more than $50.00 because you aren’t guaranteed one in a booster box. I would say $50.00 is a good deal, but please wait for someone more experienced to help you out here.

PSA won’t grade alternate languages of cards aside from English and Japanese for anything past Base iirc.


This is a perfect example of relative scarcity being what determines the price.

Russian Pokemon cards are expensive even in Russia, as @bouncepaw has said before. This limits the amount purchased domestically.
Shipping from Russia is expensive and risky. When I collected mechanical puzzles, I made several purchases of plastic puzzles that were made for Soviet soldiers and children to help them pass the time. Plastic manufacturing was heightened in Russia and surrounding areas during the 1920’s through 40’s to accommodate war needs, but it also had an effect on the types of products that the companies could produce in addition to the state-determined manufacturing. But as hard as the puzzles were to find, a statistically significant number were also lost in transit as collectors worldwide sought to export them in the 90’s through the early 2000’s. So I’ve seen the risk personally.

So in addition to the domestic difficulty in obtaining this specific card, you have risky/expensive shipping AND a language barrier. So we’ve severely narrowed down who is going to be taking advantage of this international market demand. The demand to collect them all is heightened by the international possibilities for drawing someone into the collecting chase. So demand is high and scarcity, determined by external factors more so even than printing supply, is hindering people’s ability to obtain these without significant financial input. That’s what we are seeing here.

So I really do believe that these are worth every penny they receive and could even, theoretically, see higher prices down the road if people try to go back and obtain these after the bulk of the Russian sellers have moved on to other things. We usually see this process go quicker, but the trickle of Vivillons from Russia has made it drag out a bit more.


So, I may tell you about Icy White Vivillon from Russia. We have both Meadow and this one patterns. This card is rare, I don’t have it. Sleeves aren’t very popular here (except of transparent ones, they’re very cheap). I may trade one with my classmate, then sell to you for $30.
You can find scans of them here: ru.pokemontcg.wikia.com/wiki/%D0%92%D0%B8%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B9%D0%BE%D0%BD_(XY_17)

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@bouncepaw could you get me russian Ancient origins Tyranitar cards?

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Sept 25, 2015 6:35:02 GMT 8 hisoka107 said:bouncepaw could you get me russian Ancient origins Tyranitar cards?
Ancient Origins? It will be released only next year…


Bought one for 40$ off eaby and love the card

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